Money Saving Tips For 2015

Smart Money Saving Tips

earn extra money from home money saving tipsThere are a number of new ways by which you could save money during 2015. You’ll be pleased to learn these are current and not the usual generic methods we are about to inform you of. Here are our money saving tips for 2015:

To start with, stop playing the lottery – or at least play it for free. A Lotto ticket now costs £2 a pop, so why not play the Free Postcode Lottery? You’ll enter a daily draw just by registering your postcode and an email address. Postcodes are chosen randomly and you’ll get £70 if you win.

Search Lotto is another site that offers the likes of you and me an opportunity to win cash, by entering into the UK National Lottery jackpot for free. All you have to do is use its search engine, rather than Bing or Google.
Cinema goers can save money by going to Cine World at the weekends or during the school holidays. At these times an adult ticket costs just £1.35 online, or £1.50 if purchased at the box office. And don’t forget your Clubcard points from Tesco or Nectar Points can be used to get cheaper tickets at the movies.

If you go to the gym on a regular basis and find you give up using it after a month, you will be better off using a pay-as-you-go service. More than one-third of all gyms in the U.K. are signed up to offer you 30-day passes or 90-day specials. Check out your nearest one by logging into (

Looking for an electronic item like a camera this 2015? Try to see if you can bag the product by buying it overseas. The Canon EOS 70D will set you back about £900 if purchased in an electronics store here in the U.K. But we have found the same product for £766 purchased online from America. There is import duty to pay but only a small amount and nowhere the near the £134 saving you would have just made!
There is also a great way to get more money from the pension loophole which opens up in April 2015. If you are over 55 you can invest up to £10,000 a year into a pension plan, and you’ll get tax relief for doing so. You would have to save say £8,000 a year and the tax relief would top it up to £10,000. Then withdraw it after one year giving you a clear £500 profit. You can earn extra money from home with all of these methods.

Money Saving Tips for 2015