Making Your Money Work Harder

earn extra money from home Making Your Money Work HarderIt’s all too easy to be lazy about moving our money into accounts or deals that are financially better off for it, but if you take the extra effort, you could find your yearly income will increase by as much as 25 per cent, and your boss will have had nothing to do with it! So what is this “making your money work harder” method?

Shift to the best deal on every product: that is broadband, energy, supermarket petrol not private forecourts, best savings rates and hard-working current accounts that will pay you! Cashback credit cards are ideal if you spend a lot on them, but always try to pay the full amount back at the end of the month to avoid any interest.
Making money from home is easy if you just sit down and look through your computer at the best savings rates. If you have say £15,000 stuck in a poor paying ISA, you will earn a paltry £75 over the year as interest. Have a hunt around and you will find some ISA rates have an introductory rate of 2.5 per cent – and those lucky enough to find them will enjoy interest returns of £375 instead of that paltry £75. Even better is to open a current account with Santander Bank, which pays a whopping 3% on all current accounts up to £20,000! That would see a return of £450 per year on a £15,000 balance.

If you have both savings and debt, then pay off your debt right now with your savings. It would take you just a few minutes of your time while trying to make money from home, to instead just pay that debt off! A person with £10,000 savings and a credit card debt of a similar amount, is likely to be around £1,600 per year worse off while that debt endures.

If you have credit card debt you must pay off those debts with a 0% introductory offer, available from many credit cards. But don’t forget to clear the debt (or transfer to another one) the very month that debt has reached its end.

One of the best options for selling old books or CDs and DVDs you no longer want is Amazon Marketplace, as you need only hunt for the for the book, DVD or CD and write a short description. Your listing remains on the site until it has sold. A great way of making money from home at very little outlay too.

Making Your Money Work Harder – Ways & Tips